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Shipping Container Removalists Near Me

Buying or hiring a shipping container can be an easy and affordable short-term answer in many circumstances. Whether you have a temporary worksite where you only need a room or storage solutions for the duration of a project, or you’re moving long distance and need the most cost effective transport [...]

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Shipping Container Accommodation Units 2022

It’s well known these days that shipping containers can be far more than just portable storage units. If you’re looking for a cost effective solution to your accommodation needs this year, shipping container houses are a popular, innovative, and stylish way to create more living space in less time. Whether [...]

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Containers for Sale in Australia

Are you searching for shipping containers for sale in Australia? Worried about finding a good quality container at an affordable price? Shipping Containers offers a huge range of new and second-hand shipping containers for purchase or hire. As leaders in the industry, we are here to help make the [...]

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40 Foot Containers for Sale Australia

If you are looking for the ideal storage solution or cost-effective shipping method for long distances, a shipping container could be the solution you’re after. At Shipping Containers, we offer a variety of container types for both sale and hire at affordable prices paired with exceptional customer service. Regardless [...]

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40 Foot Container for Sale Australia

Are you seeking a 40 ft shipping container for sale or for long term hire? At Shipping Containers we offer a wide variety of containers for cargo shipping, storage solutions and more. Our commitment to exceptional customer service paired with our extensive range makes us the ideal supplier for [...]

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Container Hire – High-Quality Customer Service

If you are after container hire with high-quality customer service, you need Shipping Containers. Our experienced team in Sydney offer competitive prices on a range of shipping containers both for sale and hire. Our customer service includes guiding you through the available options, working to your budget and  arranging [...]

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Shipping Containers and Lightning

If you’ve ever considered modifying a shipping container into a home, office or cafe, you may have wondered about possible safety risks. More specifically, about shipping containers and lightning. Afterall, we all know metal objects and lightning don’t mix - so what does this mean for container safety? Do [...]

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What does a shipping container cost?

If you’re considering purchasing a shipping container, you’ve no doubt wondered ‘what does a shipping container cost?’ The answer is not always straightforward with a number of factors needing to be taken into account. Type Of Container The cost of your container will vary largely depending on [...]

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