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Shipping Containers

Containers for Sale in Australia

Are you searching for shipping containers for sale in Australia? Worried about finding a good quality container at an affordable price? Shipping Containers offers a huge range of new and second-hand shipping containers for purchase or hire. As leaders in the industry, we are here to help make the [...]

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40 Foot Containers for Sale Australia

If you are looking for the ideal storage solution or cost-effective shipping method for long distances, a shipping container could be the solution you’re after. At Shipping Containers, we offer a variety of container types for both sale and hire at affordable prices paired with exceptional customer service. Regardless [...]

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40 Foot Container for Sale Australia

Are you seeking a 40 ft shipping container for sale or for long term hire? At Shipping Containers we offer a wide variety of containers for cargo shipping, storage solutions and more. Our commitment to exceptional customer service paired with our extensive range makes us the ideal supplier for [...]

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Container Hire – High-Quality Customer Service

If you are after container hire with high-quality customer service, you need Shipping Containers. Our experienced team in Sydney offer competitive prices on a range of shipping containers both for sale and hire. Our customer service includes guiding you through the available options, working to your budget and  arranging [...]

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Shipping Containers and Lightning

If you’ve ever considered modifying a shipping container into a home, office or cafe, you may have wondered about possible safety risks. More specifically, about shipping containers and lightning. Afterall, we all know metal objects and lightning don’t mix - so what does this mean for container safety? Do [...]

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What does a shipping container cost?

If you’re considering purchasing a shipping container, you’ve no doubt wondered ‘what does a shipping container cost?’ The answer is not always straightforward with a number of factors needing to be taken into account. Type Of Container The cost of your container will vary largely depending on [...]

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What shipping containers are made of

We all know shipping containers are heavy and built to last, but what exactly are they made of? The earliest examples of containers were made of wood and then iron, nowadays they are most commonly made of steel. What Makes A Shipping Container? Along with steel, shipping containers often [...]

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