In the current era of commerce, shipping containers can be helpful in a multitude of ways. With their sturdy construction, easy availability, and multi-functional uses, businesses of all sizes rely on shipping containers to cut down on costs and boost productivity. Although they’re built to store and transport, their capacity for customisation makes them perfect for everything from pop-up business-fronts to facilities for construction sites as well.

However, not all businesses require containers for long term use. If your needs are temporary or seasonal, buying a huge steel box might seem a bit inconvenient! But have you considered renting one? Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a shipping container to help you work out if it’s the smartest solution for you:

The Benefits of Renting a Shipping Container

Whether you’re buying or renting a shipping container, you get the benefits of flexibility, portability and durability. These intermodal units are designed for transport, so they’re easy to move around for various purposes, providing portable workspace solutions that can be removed at a moment’s notice. They’re also built to withstand any severe weather condition they may experience out at sea, making them a safe and secure space to keep your goods.

But what are the benefits of renting over buying?

  • Cost effectiveness

    The upfront costs of buying are usually higher compared to renting, so shipping container hire can be more cost-effective for small businesses and startups. Even large scale companies save on the costs of constructing additional storage or disposing of used containers. Seeing as you only pay for the container for as long as you need it, focus can be placed on other areas of the business. And depending on circumstances, there may also be a tax benefit.
  • Storage capacity

    When it comes to short term storage, the benefits of renting over buying are particularly pronounced. Although there are lots of storage facility options out there, it’s difficult to find a solution with more flexibility than renting a shipping container. If your business needs to relocate, you can simply return a rented container and rent another at the new location. It’s also far more convenient for storing perishable items, as a refrigerated storage unit can be placed wherever the renter likes, and removed whenever necessary.
  • Scalability

    As your business grows, you can easily scale up by renting more containers, or scale down when less space is needed. This is particularly important in a dynamic business environment where storage needs can fluctuate based on seasonal trends, market shifts, or company growth. When you rent from a reputable supplier, you get the peace of mind that comes with adjusting your container quantity easily without doing all of the organising yourself. 
  • Customisation

    Lastly, one of the most unique benefits to renting a shipping container for your business is customisation. Many businesses use containers for their original purpose, so there are many sizing and loading options available for shipping. But for everything else, there’s modification! Whether you’d like a customised storage space for a worksite, or a short-term business-front, Shipping Containers Australia stock plenty of pre-modified rental solutions for commercial or industrial requirements.

Renting a Container With Shipping Containers Australia

As one of the top suppliers of shipping containers in the country, Shipping Containers Australia have an unbeatable range of rental containers to suit all kinds of diverse business needs. Their high quality general purpose containers come in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, with options like insulated, refrigerated, or high cube for extra volume. With an experienced team and access to industry-leading resources, they can deliver tailored products to your doorstep in as little as 24 hours!

This level of professionalism makes renting a shipping container your most versatile and cost-effective solution, able to adapt to the evolving needs of any business. So, if you’d like more information on renting containers the smart way, just get in touch with Shipping Containers Australia on 1300 284 896 or get a free online quote today.