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  • 100% Australian Owned

Modified containers

How to Properly Care for Your Shipping Container

Assuming you've already made the decision to invest in a shipping container, congratulations! You're on your way to reaping the many benefits that come with owning or hiring one of these multi-functional products. Here at Shipping Containers Australia, our containers and services take a lot of the hard work [...]

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40Ft Shipping Containers Mackay

If you need 40 foot shipping containers in Mackay, or anywhere else across the country, you might be hesitant when it comes to suppliers. After all, 40ft is the largest container available, so it’s not exactly the type of purchase you can easily send back in the mail without [...]

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Various types of Specialized Shipping Containers

There are all types of shipping containers out there designed to transport everything from oversized machinery to dangerous chemicals. In fact, no matter what project you hope to undertake with a shipping container, there is bound to be a specialized option to suit your needs.   For example, if you [...]

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Shipping Container Ablution Blocks 2022

From large events to worksites, there are plenty of places that benefit from ablution blocks. However, usually if there’s a call for one, it’s necessary. Patrons, guests or workers who attend a site for long periods of time cannot be expected to go without. This can be tricky in [...]

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Quality Shipping Containers for Sale in Australia

If you are seeking quality shipping containers for sale and hire in Australia, then Shipping Containers should be your first call. We offer competitive prices on a range of containers and sizes such as 10ft 20ft and 40ft. Whether you need to hire or buy a shipping container for [...]

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Why shipping container homes are popular

Shipping containers are becoming more and more common outside of their intended purpose. Far from being confined to use on the back of a shipping vessel, they can now be seen frequently on land as homes, offices, pop-up shops and more. Just why are shipping container homes so popular? [...]

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Shipping Container Modifications – Questions That You Should Ask

Are you in the process of sourcing your shipping container? Shipping containers are used for wide variety of purposes besides their actual use of carrying cargo from one place to another. With shipping container modifications you can convert a shipping container into just about anything. You can modify your containers [...]

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Portable Kitchens And Lunch Rooms With Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are very versatile, we have already seen the varied uses of shipping containers over the last few years. As the shipping containersprovide you with large enclosed spaces, its use is further extended to portable kitchens and lunchrooms. If you have an off-site operation, then you need not have [...]

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