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What shipping containers are made of

We all know shipping containers are heavy and built to last, but what exactly are they made of? The earliest examples of containers were made of wood and then iron, nowadays they are most commonly made of steel. What Makes A Shipping Container? Along with steel, shipping containers often [...]

By |2021-03-30T21:41:47+10:00March 30th, 2021|Categories: Shipping Containers|0 Comments

Where Were Shipping Containers Invented?

Shipping containers are used in their thousands, every day, all over the world. They are so commonplace that it is hard to imagine they were not actually invented as we know them till the mid 1950’s. If you’ve ever wanted to know where shipping containers were invented, read on. [...]

By |2021-03-12T17:21:37+10:00March 15th, 2021|Categories: Shipping Containers|0 Comments

Why Buy A Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are surprisingly in vogue. This may be hard to understand when you stop to imagine one. Mostly associated with long ocean voyages, these dirty, often rusty, metal crates are usually far from glamorous. They are, however, wildly practical and versatile. In recent years, shipping containers have become [...]

By |2021-01-12T03:52:01+10:00January 15th, 2021|Categories: Shipping Containers|0 Comments

Experts in Insulated Shipping Container

Do you have goods you need to ship or store that require a constant ambient temperature? The likelihood is that you need an insulated shipping container. Not to be confused with a refrigerated shipping container, an insulated container maintains a level temperature, but doesn’t cool. They are able to [...]

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