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Hi, welcome to our blog about shipping containers. If you have any questions relating to our blog, or any of our shipping container products, then feel free to post a comment and we'll get straight back to you. Once again, enjoy our blog.

Shipping Container Removalists Near Me

Buying or hiring a shipping container can be an easy and affordable short-term answer in many circumstances. Whether you have a temporary worksite where you only need a room or storage solutions for the duration of a project, or you’re moving long distance and need the most cost effective transport [...]

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Shipping Container Ablution Blocks 2022

From large events to worksites, there are plenty of places that benefit from ablution blocks. However, usually if there’s a call for one, it’s necessary. Patrons, guests or workers who attend a site for long periods of time cannot be expected to go without. This can be tricky in [...]

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Shipping Container Accommodation Units 2022

It’s well known these days that shipping containers can be far more than just portable storage units. If you’re looking for a cost effective solution to your accommodation needs this year, shipping container houses are a popular, innovative, and stylish way to create more living space in less time. Whether [...]

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Containers for Sale in Australia

Are you searching for shipping containers for sale in Australia? Worried about finding a good quality container at an affordable price? Shipping Containers offers a huge range of new and second-hand shipping containers for purchase or hire. As leaders in the industry, we are here to help make the [...]

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40 Foot Containers for Sale Australia

If you are looking for the ideal storage solution or cost-effective shipping method for long distances, a shipping container could be the solution you’re after. At Shipping Containers, we offer a variety of container types for both sale and hire at affordable prices paired with exceptional customer service. Regardless [...]

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40 Foot Container for Sale Australia

Are you seeking a 40 ft shipping container for sale or for long term hire? At Shipping Containers we offer a wide variety of containers for cargo shipping, storage solutions and more. Our commitment to exceptional customer service paired with our extensive range makes us the ideal supplier for [...]

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Container Hire – High-Quality Customer Service

If you are after container hire with high-quality customer service, you need Shipping Containers. Our experienced team in Sydney offer competitive prices on a range of shipping containers both for sale and hire. Our customer service includes guiding you through the available options, working to your budget and  arranging [...]

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Quality Shipping Containers for Sale in Australia

If you are seeking quality shipping containers for sale and hire in Australia, then Shipping Containers should be your first call. We offer competitive prices on a range of containers and sizes such as 10ft 20ft and 40ft. Whether you need to hire or buy a shipping container for [...]

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Why shipping container homes are popular

Shipping containers are becoming more and more common outside of their intended purpose. Far from being confined to use on the back of a shipping vessel, they can now be seen frequently on land as homes, offices, pop-up shops and more. Just why are shipping container homes so popular? [...]

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