What is Hazardous Goods?

Shipping Containers deliver the best equipment for Storage and Transport of Hazardous Goods in Australia. Their high quality Shipping Container products are unmatched in the market. In particluar, their Hazardous Goods Storage Containers showcase just how tough their Shipping Containers are built. When you ask Shipping Containers What is Hazardous Goods, the answer will always be ‘There isn’t a Good so Hazardous that we can’t handle.

Our Hazardous Goods Shipping Container Box’s hold all types of Class 3 Hazardous Goods. All our Hazardous Goods Box’s are built to the highest possible standard, are regularly safety checked and screened and comply with the latest Australian regulations for storage and transport of class 3 Hazardous Goods. And you can deck out your Hazardous Goods Shipping Container with just about any Accessory you can think of whether ir be various forms of ventilation, shelves and storage space and even custom built bunded flooring. Our Hazardous Goods Containers are also fully ISO compliant for easy transport.

What Is Hazardous Goods?

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What Are Dangerous Goods?

Any type of Class 3 Goods can be stored by the Hazardous Goods Containers that are custom built by Shipping Containers. This can include Blasting Agents, Explosives, Poison, Flammable Gas or Liquid, Gasoline, Fuel and Oil just to name a few.

Shipping Containers | Hazardous Goods Storage Containers:

  • Full Painted Premium Grade Container

  • Fully welded steel flooring

  • An RHS floor frame

  • Front steel bund wall

  • With all appropriate plates & signage

  • Non-spark industrial mesh floor covering

  • Internal safety handle

  • Australian Made

Additional accessories include:

  • Double opening doors

  • Optional safety signage

  • Ramps

Shipping Container Products

Standard Containers

Standard Shipping Containers Include:

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Specialised Containers

Specialised Shipping Containers Include:

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